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Matching you to the right job

We understand how important it is to be in the right role, so we go beyond the call of duty to match you with yours. We pride ourselves on understanding where you are now and where you want to be in the future – and we're passionate about getting you there.

We make sure you're always informed and supported in everything we do with you. We don't pressure our candidates, we make sure you have all the evidence you need to make an informed decision. Preparing for interviews, negotiating an appropriate salary and ensuring you start your new job confident you've chosen wisely – that's all part of our service.

Ann Pettengell has been based in Cambridgeshire for over 30 years, so we are familiar with the businesses in the area and their needs. Our well-honed instinct for pairing your skill set and personality with the most suitable opportunity is another reason candidates return to us when they are ready for their next move.

Looking for a permanent role?

The UK employment market is ripe with job prospects for talented individuals. Trying to find them in a cluttered market full of organisations can prove challenging. Many businesses are in competition to take advantage of your skills and expertise – but how do you find these businesses and unlock those opportunities?

That's where Ann Pettengell comes in. We can provide the platform to allow you to access your perfect role.

We take a team approach to candidate care, with our consultants sharing knowledge and potential vacancies to ensure every person who puts their career in our hands is given an equal chance. Our candidate 'open opportunities' policy means we'll put you forward for the most suitable and potentially attractive jobs, across our entire portfolio.

Available for temporary work?

Temporary work is a great way to gain valuable experience across a broad range of sectors and organisations and can potentially act as a window for you to gain a permanent role.

Temping is a useful way of gaining insight into various job roles and industry sectors and is particularly useful if you are undecided on your long-term career choice.

It can also be extremely useful if you are looking to return to work or considering a career change. It is a useful way to develop new skills and a good opportunity to expose yourself to roles that perhaps you hadn’t considered before.

If you are on a working holiday or have other commitments that would restrict you working in a permanent role, temping allows you the flexibility to work as and when you choose.

Partner with us

  • The consultants at Ann Pettengell always provide a consistently high standard of service whether we need a Malay speaker for two days or a permanent member of staff

  • Ann Pettengell are always there when I need them. They always listen to my ambitions and were very supportive throughout the whole interview process

  • The team at Ann Pettengell know the Cambridgeshire job market inside-out. They offered me quality candidates that could take my business forward

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