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A little goes along way...

We know that it's the little details that make you stand out at interviews.

You rarely get a second chance to impress a potential employer. We hope our advice arms you with the confidence to grasp your dream job.

Do your homework

  • Find out as much as you can about the company prior to the interview. Make sure you've fully explored their website and their history. It's also a good idea to find out about things close to their heart. Do they support a certain charity? Have they recently been in the paper because of an expansion? We will give you as much information as we can about the company, but it's those small extra details that you quote that will make sure you stand out

Keep it smart

  • It's always important to dress smartly for an interview, even if the business has a relaxed dress code. Ensure you are well groomed with tidy hair and clean shoes and go for a minimal look - don't go over board on strong fragrances or lots of accessories

Make sure you have your own business plan

  • The interview is just as much for the candidate as it is the employer. It's an opportunity for you to find out if the organisation will offer you the challenge and satisfaction you are looking for. Think about the skills and qualifications you can offer their business and tailor your responses accordingly

Travel and timing

  • It goes without saying that a punctual start is key to impressing a potential employer. Make sure you leave plenty of time to travel to the venue and allow extra time for delays. Take the Ann Pettengell phone number with you so you can let us know if you will be late due to unforeseen circumstances

At the interview

Remember that your interview starts as soon as you enter the building. Make sure you are polite, friendly and approachable to everyone you meet.

Give the interviewer(s) a firm handshake upon arrival, while maintaining eye contact and smiling.

Possible questions you may be asked:

Tell me about yourself     

Talk for about one or two minutes. Make sure you cover the following areas: education, work experience and recent career history  

What do you know about our company?   

Make sure you’re armed with some facts. Research their key products, size, income, reputation, image and company aims and objectives

What skills can you offer our business?

They are looking for someone who stands out, so mention skills and experiences that your competitors may not have

Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses

Talk about the career achievements that will present you in the best light. When addressing weaknesses, make sure to convey that you recognise your weaknesses, but you’re working on improving them. For example, “I needed to improve my presentation and public speaking skills, so I attended a workshop to learn how to deliver professional information in client presentations more effectively.”

You will nearly always be asked if you have any questions by the interviewer. Always have something prepared for if you are asked.

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