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Job Descriptions

Posted on: 20th Jan 2017 by: Ann Pettengell


Every time you need to re-recruit for a role, it is vitally important to thoroughly review the job description to ensure all current role requirements will be covered.  Assess whether there are any new duties to be fulfilled and the skills required to do so effectively.  Correspondingly, have some aspects of the role been removed, therefore making some requirements redundant?

A good job description will outline your expectations of employees, and enable prospective candidates to determine whether or not they can meet the role requirements.  Subsequently, as the role requirements specified should form the basis of your advertisement (and ensuing candidate attraction), it is important to make sure that nothing is missed. 

Furthermore, recruiting a team member using an out-of-date job description is misleading and can result in a disconnected employee who is left wondering where the job they applied for has gone. Changing jobs is a big move, and one of the main reasons people do it is for progression and the chance to grow.  The assumption that this is what they will be getting when they join your team is formed mainly by what was promised in the job description.

An accurate job description can also assist you in tailoring your interview questions accordingly, to ensure you are asking questions that focus on relevant areas of expertise required for the role as it is now.  It can aid in creating an appropriate employee orientation, and it can be of great help with conducting an evaluation of job performance further down the line.

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