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Where we excel

Our team has unrivalled knowledge in recruiting for the following sectors


We know the value of office staff – they keep the office functioning. They are valued for dealing with admin duties easily and maintaining a pleasant working environment. A true professional needs to thrive on organisation and pleasing others.

Customer Service / Call Centre

A customer services department links a company to its public – it’s got to represent the business at its best. We understand that excellent service needs to be second nature to call centre reps. They need to communicate clearly and, ultimately, produce customer satisfaction.

HR & Recruitment

Working directly with people means that you have to love them. More than taking an interest, you have to be able to relate and also rationalise. HR and recruitment have highs and lows. They require individuals driven enough to ride out the bumps and keep a clear head.

Finance & Accounting

Any finance professional knows the level of responsibility they have. An accounts team needs to maintain their company’s bookkeeping and ensure everything is running to a tee. They need to be organised, detailed, and extremely trustworthy.

Sales & Marketing

We know that not just anyone can be a good sales person; it’s a highly skilled profession. It demands people with the right fit and aptitude to thrive under pressure. Marketers need to give their all, but without breaking a sweat.


A board-level appointment has a direct impact on an organisation. It’s made with the expectation that it will ensure business goals are reached – there is no room for error. We know that an executive needs to be more than a leader; they need to stand out and inspire. They need to be unstoppable.